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A feature survey is the first process needed involved with the development of dwellings. The feature survey is used by council, architects, engineers and builders.

They detail all information about the property, adjoining properties and features in the street, in fact everything that is required by your local council to modify or develop property and land. All of these things have a bearing on what is possible in terms of design, building, land development and necessary for a Planning and Building Application.

Feature surveys will generally include:

  • · Level Contours (AHD or Arbitrary)
  • · The existing structures
  • · Adjoining structures (Rescode)
  • · Utility services (Visible)
  • · Natural features
  • · Easement details
  • · Fencing etc.


Preparation of pre-sales or Lease plan for advertising and marketing purposes which could be an outstanding aid in providing essential information to either the purchaser or tenant. We measure commercial, industrial, retail and residential buildings, from a single unit, several units to an entire building.

We provide cost effective services for property owners, managers, real estate, lease professional, architects, space planners and interior designers or any company which would like to verify their lease space size.

Marketing drawings will generally include:

  • · Floor Area (Office or Warehouse)
  • · Amenities
  • · Access details (Door or Shutters)
  • · Clearance Height (Warehouses)

Marketing Drawings are computed for Gross Lettable Areas (GLA) for Industrial warehouses and Net Lettable Area (NLA) for Commercial Offices using the Property Council of Australia Method of Measurement.


Need to accurately locate architectural features of a building?

Façade surveys or building surveys can assist in the renovation or re-fit design of existing buildings. The amount of information shown varies depending on the requirements but can include the location of windows, doors, parapets, façade features and structural walls/columns/beams. We are able to tailor a survey to suit your scope and can accurately locate inaccessible or difficult to access building features using reflectorless technology.

From architects and structural engineers, from private developers and house builders to estate agents, we provide measured building surveys to a huge range of clients right across the broad spectrum of property and construction. Crucially, however, we appreciate that almost every client needs to achieve different results from their surveys. Engineers, for example, may require a relatively simple survey with only certain salient features being highlighted. An architect working on an extension to an existing structure, however, would generally require a far more comprehensive measured building survey.

A measured building survey can be as simple or as complex as you need. Features picked up during one of our measured building surveys could include everything from walls, windows and doors, sill and head heights to spot heights, sanitary ware, fire alarms, electrical points, gas entry points, electricity meters and so on. The scale of the survey and the list of features that can be picked up is only determined by the requirements of the project in hand. We provide easy to read plans and well structured CAD files.  

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